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Steve and Lori Acosta Wedding


Steve and Lori Acosta Wedding

Steve and Lori Acosta Wedding
Chino Hills, California

I had such a wonderful time at my father, Steve Acosta’s, and mother, Lori Acosta’s, wedding. Thank you to all the family and friends who came out to participate and be a part of that memory for me - well I doubt any of you came out for me but I certainly enjoyed the experience all-the-same. As with all beautiful days brimming with heartening nostalgic goodness, the worst - if only bad - part of such wonder is the haste with which it all slips from between the fingers on the hands of experience and into the mind, its final resting place among other such memories; shuffled amongst photographs and sentimental keepsakes.

For a day so full of beauty the rising Sun must have superlatively amassed a faultless prescription of nostalgia

In an imperfect attempt to capture the day… like two figure skaters chasing the dream capture the dream …we comfort ourselves with matrices of colored points encapsulated by digital pixels the way our smart phones encapsulate our lives,with their pictal diaries; that is to say, if it isn’t there, it didn’t happen nor does it exist. A dull aftertaste of the only recently begotten FOMO era no doubt. (epitome / epitomize)[As if to only live on as an epitome of …]

Amanda attacked by Mothra

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