House Hold Rant

Computer Vision with videoplayR

Using videoplayR R package to analyze attributes of video frame images

NYC Motor Collision Dashboard

A three panel, fully interactive dashboard based on the NYC Motor Collision Data Set and organized by borough

Trump Twitter World Cloud

Word cloud generated from a time series of tweets from Donald Trumps Twitter feed. Generated in a knitr document & source code for easy reproducibility

NYC Motor Vehicle Collision Exploratory Data Analysis

MY exploratory data analysis process in the creation of the NYC Motor Collision Dashboard. knitr documentation & source code for reproducibility

Apple HealthKit Dashboard

Interactive dashboard from my iPhone’s HealthKit data build in R with htmlwidgets and flexboard packages. Learn from Apple HealthKit docs how to access your data via iOS SDK or get a CSV from an iOS App

Deep Learning

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Call me old fashioned, but I find the pressing of a button to initiate a flurry of web requests and API calls along wireless interfaces, filling websockets or flying down an HTTP streams, possess some ephemeral quality that is immeasurably more satisfying than automated predictive measures taken assure our constant consumption carries on with a negligible amount of consideration, contemplation and consideration; thus pruning away at the self’s essential prerogative to preserve and maintain.


Some notes to keep handy as a reminder of the basics in using a Jupyter notebook What is a Jupyter notebook? According to the Web App’s main page: The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. Uses include: data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, machine learning and much more. In my own words: Application for creating and sharing documents that contain:


Operations Analytics Notes for Week 1: The descriptive analytics covered this week will provide a strong conceptual basis for predictive and prescriptive analytics in the following three weeks of the course. Covered by this Courser The class will start by going over a number of the most important and familiar problems in operations. The Newsvendor Problem is one of the fundamental problems in operations. We will also cover a range of related problems such as Resource Allocation, Network Management and Capacity Planning.


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  • Steve and Lori Acosta Wedding

    Sep 22, 2016, Steve and Lori Acosta Wedding

  • A Montage of The Correct Sadists

    Oct 11, 2007, Just another sesh at Deke’s

  • Melowdramatic Boat

    Sep 1, 2005, Sailing to Mex

  • A Painful Past

    Apr 20, 2004, Our High School Musical feat DJ Ducken

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    A mobile visual clothing search system is presented whereby a smart phone user can either choose a social networking image or capture a new photo of a person wearing clothing of interest and search for similar clothing in a large cloud-based ecommerce database. The phone’s GPS location is used to re-rank results by retail store location, to inform the user of local stores where similar clothing items can be tried on.
    In ICMEW, 2013.

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    Recipe for Knowledge
    Ingredients: Data
    Steps: Collect, Explore, Reduce, Rephrase, Revise, and Repeat

    A Person Re-Identification System For Mobile Devices

    Details PDF Project


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    A sophophilic in my practice, on a constant quest to collect an provide actionable insights from the knowledge I extract and catalog from myriad data source. An essential personal quality often transpiring as epistemophilia commands a philomath consistently emerge across any routine I maintain. Fortunately the internet has been brilliantly employed by world class educators, developers, and innovative contemporary minds on education to provide unimpeded access to priceless facilities to enable a constant challenge for fulfilling growth as an autodidactic.

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